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Answers best enjoyed with a bagel and lox, but Kosher Korner works too

I Want to Create a Group

Choose "Create a Group" on the google form, create a group name, and share it with your friends! Creating a group automatically registers you as a member of that group

I Want to Join a Group

Choose "Join a Group" on the google form, and select the group you would like to join!

I Want to Register as an Individual

Choose "Register as an Individual" on the google form, and we will place you at a table!

How do I Register my Friends

Create a group following the instructions above, and then share this website and the group name you created with your friends.

When Will We Find Out Our Table?

Table information will be shared on Thursday, April 4th. If you registered with a group, you will be sitting with them.

How Can I Change my Registration/Group?

Contact us using the contact us form on this website (you can find it in the menu on the top right corner of your screen), or send us an email at

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